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Upload slots

by Guest on 2013/08/24 06:59:17 PM    
In Tixati's settings i can't setup more than 200 upload slots, while in uTorrent i having about 800 active torrents. It's a bug in Lunix build or some feature? What are the plans of developers about that thing?
P.s.: Sorry for my English =)
by Pete on 2013/08/25 04:03:04 PM    
Use constant seeds to have more active torrents.
Constant Seeding
Normally, seeding transfers will be paused by the system (standby queued) when the 'Upload Slots' setting has been exceeded. Transfers that are set to 'Constant Seeding' will never be paused by the system and do not consume upload slots.
by Guest on 2013/08/25 09:14:06 PM    
Thank you very much!

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