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Peers with country flag named "Europe"?

by Guest on 2014/08/05 04:28:13 PM    
Their ip start with Mouse over the flag show the name: Europe. But no country named "Europe". What would it will be? Hackers?
by Bugmagnet on 2014/08/06 07:51:32 AM    
try arul's page to resolve this:  aruljohn dot com

This netblock is in Europe, shared by many countries, all in "European Union", as the record for 141.101.x.x indicates. A few other IP blocks within 141.101.*.* I tested showed Ukraine, Switzerland and the Russian Federation
by Guest on 2014/11/24 01:08:46 AM    
Hey dont be blocking us Europe as most of Europens have a nice 20Mb upload speed. hehe ;) is not like 2009 when we use to have about 512Kbps upload :( lol

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