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Very low transfer rates - how to identify the problem?

by Guest on 2014/07/28 04:06:47 PM    
I have been using an adsl connection, with 2Mb/s down, 512kb/s up.  This will run torrents at around 30kB down,peaking up to around 70kB.

For the last month I've been trialing a new Internet connection, using LTE.  The speedtest site indicates that I can achieve up to 42Mb/s down and 20Mb/s up.  Usually, I'm getting results of around 20Mb/s down and 10Mb/s up.  Features of this connection are that it is NAT'ed, giving me a private address at my router.  Secondly, DNS queries appear to be blocked, forcing me to use the ISP's DNS servers.  These impose a proxy for some of the common sites (eg  Reverse DNS lookups on these proxied sites tend to fail.

This LTE connection normally achives download speeds of about 1kB/s, peaking up to about 10kB/s, even when using a high anonymity http proxy  However, on some rare occasions I am seeing download rates of 2MB/s, or more, without making any adjustments at my end.  I am seeing a lot of timed out connections on the Tixati Transfers screen.

Can anyone suggest what might be going wrong, or how to diagnose it.  Even better, suggest how I might fix the problem.
by Guest on 2015/04/16 08:19:25 AM    
you didn't give much info on why your using a proxy, although i would assume it's for anonymity and their free.  i once used public anonymous proxies for the same purpose, although this usually wound up constantly having to look up new ones and as most of these proxies are for large privatized usage, not only will you be limited by the amount of seed to peer ratio if it low, but also by the number of other users that are using that proxy.  if this is the case, use of a proxy for anonymity, and you want to continue this route, i would suggest using a program similar to Multiproxy, where the software allows speed checks and also has a built-in proxy identification tool (ie. public non-anonymous, cached, anonymous ... etc) or using the proxy when less people are accessing this route.  although, i believe using a VPN, such as HMA is a much more secure route to take and whatever choice you use, ensure to the fastest site closest to you.  As i use a PC ... windoze (i know, don't send me hate mail), a traceroute via a dos shell, in my case would determine where the problem might lie in the reduced speed.

Use of a ipfilter, to eliminate known problem peers intent on leeching or other actions can also slow your speed down considerably.  in the "help and support" section, instructions are given on how to implement a ipfilter and google search will allot the user of an ipfilter file.

this is but one file that can be unzipped and placed in the proper location or left unzipped (i prefer the first choice, as the files are not that large):

once placed in the proper location, you can check the "Ip Filter" button at the top to ensure the ipfilter is installed.

once the download is started, clicking the "Transfers" button at the top and the "Trackers" tab at the bottom, remove all non-responsive trackers from the particular download.

everything else and some of what i have already mentioned is already detailed in the "Help & Support" section of this page, especially the section on alotted number of download/upload slots and the number of available peers or seeds, suggested for your connection speed.

other non-Tixati related network issues can be easily addressed by a simple internet search.  (ie. temporarily blocking all other programs or non-system services that may be using your bandwidth, optimizing your ethernet adapter with Reg tools (throughput or bandwidth optimization) ... etc)

hope this helps.  ... and "super seeding" is always appreciated i'm sure by everyone.

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