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THANK YOU Publication

by PeterRabbit on 2024/03/03 10:38:03 PM    
I have used TIXATI, a beautiful software project, since the beginning without any faults or problems of any kind. I now use LinuxMint LMDE6 and TIXATI works perfectly without any crash or failure. I would like to thank the TIXATi team for their generosity and for all their effort and dedication to a better world. I would humbly like to ask you if possible to restore the all text only no icons functionality in the behaviour option just like in the previous versions. Thank You very much for everything. Blessings.
by janet on 2024/03/03 11:52:24 PM    
Thanks for the kind words, they have been passed on the the Devs.
Version 3.22 has the option in Settings - Behavior to not show the icons for menus and buttons.
by Viper069 on 2024/03/04 03:32:39 AM    
Thanks heaps, been using this for a while, I have donated to you, it ain't fair for us to use for free and not donate anything.

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