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14 Years of reliability and now with a dark mode! :-) Ty Devs!

by Guest on 2024/02/29 10:32:25 AM    
Great work on the updated GUI devs, my eyes thank you :-P. The addition of transparency is a nice touch!

Best torrent program hands down, you guys deserve monetary support. Thanks for keeping the program donationware and bugless all these years :-)
by janet on 2024/02/29 10:38:05 AM    
We are happy you are enjoying Tixati.
Your kind words and thanks have been passed on to the Devs.
by Guest on 2024/03/01 04:56:25 PM    
Seeing fixes for something you and others mentioned is heartwarming. Thanks from me, too.
by Guest on 2024/03/25 09:52:59 PM    
Agreed, I love the new proper dark mode. I'd managed to get a lot of it fairly dark but never fully dark.
Amazing job.

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