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Download speed

by Guest on 2023/10/04 09:19:37 PM    
Hi, can anyone advice how to make downloads faster. I am downloading at 20KB/s!! 1.1Gb takes 20hrs!
by Guest on 2023/10/11 07:54:11 PM    
Depends on your internet provider package speed and the person seeding too (Might be slower if your download is rare/old)
The person sending to you is called the Seed/Seeder

In the Bandwidth button, you could try this, it might work? Some people say this works for them

Select "Limit Incoming KB/s" to 100,000 (type it in, using arrows will be sloooow!)
Select "Limit Outgoing KB/s" to  50,000 (type it in, using arrows will be sloooow!)

You can eventually adjust to your own provider speed.

Above in Tixati I think each 1000 = 1M

1M = 8Megabit ("8 Meg" when it comes to broadband advertising)


100,000 = 800 Meg
50,000 = 400 Meg

If this improves things for you, you can leave it or do a speed test on the web and adjust again accordingly?

Let us know if this testing works, have you tried downloading something very popular, just as a trial?

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