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Making a donation in pounds (£) rather than dollars ($)

by Guest on 2023/09/30 09:15:45 PM    
Hello to you all,

I've been using Tixati for sometime now, but was not in a position to make a donation (I've been a student for the past 3 years).
I've now graduated, secured gainful employment and can now make a donation.
Unfortunately, all donations seem to be in dollars ($) and not pounds (£).
Is there a way to make a secure donation in pounds sterling? I would be using a debit card to make the transaction.
Thank you.
by janet on 2023/10/01 04:10:24 PM    
Thanks for keeping us in mind!  Much appreciated.

I think PayPal has an option to use other currencies if you have a paypal account and send account-to-account, but I'm not sure how that goes if you just use the regular CC form with Paypal. They end up converting it to dollars on our end when all is said and done regardless.

Patreon might work with other currencies, but that is more of a recurring donation model and isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Sorry, I wish we had better options. But thanks very much again for your support, it is very helpful to keep development going.

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