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Tixati getting banned from private trackers again

by Guest on 2023/09/19 08:46:25 PM    
So, TorrentLeech banned Tixati a few days ago, due to "allowing cheating in specific ways".
It is implied it's a new issue, but they refuse to elaborate further, claiming the dev has been informed about it.
What's the real situation? Is there really a new ratio cheating problem with Tixati?
by Guest on 2023/09/22 01:24:49 AM    
TL mods are stupid, the cheating they are referring to can be done using any client. only reason they banned Tixati is because the first users they discovered were using it.
by bolehaight on 2023/09/23 03:57:35 AM    
Can you specify the cheating?
by Guest on 2023/09/25 07:54:45 AM    
They won't elaborate in posts claiming it will encourage more cheating in other clients unfortunately.  Can't say I know how the cheating is done that they're banning it now but it's apparently been banned on a couple other private trackers as well for the same reason.
by Guest on 2023/09/25 10:45:51 PM    
I'd really like to know as well, what they refer to with cheating. They refuse to tell, so it's impossible to argue against their nonsense.
by Guest on 2023/09/26 12:22:32 AM    
Client ID spoofing maybe?    

Why would that be an issue when the tracker URL contains the ID of the account that downloaded it...

Can Tixati devs confirm they were contacted and perhaps share some details why they think it can be used for cheating ratios?
by Guest on 2023/10/06 11:50:00 PM    
Client ID spoofing is not really an issue, as the tracker doesn't identify the user by that. And they had the client accepted, so it was not necessary to spoof on their site.

Is there really a new ratio cheating problem with Tixati?
some details why they think it can be used for cheating ratios?
Every torrent client can be used for cheating easily without modification. And even if you have no clue how the protocol works and how to game it, a simple "how to cheat bittorrent" search will lead to something like RatioGhost.
The ban likely just means that Tixati was the preferred client of the person(people) who blatantly cheated and got caught. It's correlation, not causation.

Cheaters gonna cheat. Some trackers just think banning based on this torrent client results in an acceptable amount of collateral damage.
by Arniceous on 2023/10/23 04:49:10 AM    
still active backstaff on TL, never heard anything about this, will ask zedeev. ratio manipulation with lame apps are halarious to begin with. When logged in as FL support you can see very easily and spread sheet with D/U 500MB uploaded 5TB. if a torrent client meets security its always due to a 3rd party app in my opinion. you guys might try PTF a mate of mine is racing scene there 24/7 not sure if enrolment is open.. o/

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