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Tixati and everyone who supports ARE AMAZING PEOPLE!

by mystik134 on 2023/05/13 08:19:50 AM    
Like the subject says...

Thank you for making such an epic yet simple program. All of your programs I own: Tixati, Fonpu, DarkMX, Super Simple Server (found out about the latter just recently actually).

I will continue to donate as much as I can because this is what technology is about and what it can achieve, without all the stupid AdWare, Spyware and BS in other programs/websites. I tell all of my buddies to use this software and they have never looked back.

So, thank you. Even if no one ever reads this, just know: Tixati, you are loved.


mystik <3
by janet on 2023/05/13 11:31:53 AM    
Your thanks, appreciation, donations and spreading the word have been passed on to the dev, and we thank you for them.

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