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Bug Report - support page for Metadata

by Bugmagnet on 2023/04/24 06:14:50 PM    
Seems that option for users to suggest support page changes has been removed, so reporting here:

This last paragraph belongs to the Magnet Links page:

Append a magnet link to this text file when a new transfer starts
Here the user can create a log-file that will be updated with a magnet link when any new transfer is loaded into Tixati. The Magnet Link Format and Date/Time Line Before Link options allow the user to specify how the log file is formatted.

Missing is info on Save a .torrent file in this folder when a transfer completes needs to be added.

In addition, it would be helpful to me to provide some typical use scenarios, to explain the interactions.

What is the difference between locations 1 and 2? I note that location 1 has a check box option to delete the meta file on load. That is the fixed behavior of location 2.

What use is location 2 over location 1?

How could both locations 1 and 2 be used to provide some additional function?

If a new meta file is added to location 1, and auto-loaded then it is deleted on loading, is it immediately saved to location 3 or is there no copy saved until a peer connection is made and actual transfer starts when it then saved to location 3 as 'in progress'? IOW, for the latter scenario, is there a state where no copy of the meta file is preserved on the HDD?

Would there be a benefit to an option to delete from location 1 only on completion, where the meta file is then not deleted but moved to location 4?

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