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Strange oddity

by francesco on 2023/04/20 05:20:27 AM    
I was seeding to 2 peers, same IP, one on port 36020 identifies as a Utorrent, the other on port 8663 is a qBittorrent. Both download same item in contemporanea.

Somebody plays torrent race, or is it something else?

I've seen this happening before.

by Guest on 2023/05/13 11:07:15 PM    
Two users on the same internet connection (both WiFi, or both wired, or 1 wired and 1 WiFi) downloading the same file by coincidence, perhaps?
by Guest on 2023/08/13 11:42:48 AM    
It's much more likely to be two people using the same VPN endpoint.

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