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3.17 Very Good! and few features to hope

by k2love on 2023/04/10 11:14:29 AM    
The memory leak problem of the slow HDD, which has been a problem in the meantime, has been greatly improved, and we are deeply grateful. Version 3.17 has many internal improvements.

Still, Tixati has a few features to hope for.

1. It would be nice to be able to resize the file and folder rename pop-up windows. Editing long names is a bit inconvenient.

2. It would be nice to have the ability to merge Tixati's transfer lists. Currently, there is no function to combine A and B lists, so in my case, I am running a total of 4 Tixati. (using RDP)

If the list is editable, then client A might classify it as animation, client B as TV show, client C as movie, and so on. I would appreciate it if you implement this function in any form in the future.

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