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New forum password length blocks valid login

by Guest on 2023/03/30 05:33:56 PM    
OK, so this sucks. I have never had issues with my log in, but now I apparently have an incorrect password. I use Bitwarden to store my passwords, so I DEFINITELY have the correct password.

I tried reregistering (using the same username) and instead of telling me the username already exists, it says the password (my current "incorrect" one) is longer than the maximum 32 characters. Yep, because mine is and has always been 42 characters long, letting me log in without issues.

So OK, I cloned the password entry in Bitwarden and generated a new 30-character password then tried again, and now it tells me the username already exists.

My only conclusion is that the forum moderators recently lowered the password length from whatever it was to 32 characters, effectively making my username obsolete. I use the same username across all forums, accounts and places where a username is used instead of an email address. So yeah, this REALLY sucks.

Can the moderators PLEASE fix this so I can log in?
by janet on 2023/03/30 11:15:38 PM    
Thanks for reporting this.
The dev says it will get fixed up within about a week, he is very busy but will get to it soon.

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