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Tixati's Help & Support wiki

by notaLamer on 2022/06/02 09:34:53 PM    
Hello dev, I open this thread to notify you there're happened some effort upon the wiki :)

1. Replaced 99% of old screenshots with v2.89. Taken on KDE with Breeze theme. Please approve them
2. New pages that must be linked to on the main page:  (old but not linked)
settings - user interface - fonts
search view (has existed for about 1y, still not listed)  (share view page, F1 redirects here)

A few of these pages I haven't touched except for making and uploading a screenshot, I hope someone else will. Sorry for the lack of time!

3. Wiki pages should show Edit / History buttons for logged in users, if you want encourage users to contribute... but will they?
4. The ?edit page always sends you to the last verified edit even if you've just created an edit that you want to improve upon. The only solution as of now is to visit the ?history page and click "Edit" there. I expect that ?edit always sends me to the latest version / my latest version.
5. img-tag styles are weird. "inline" doesn't have a colored background/box-shadow and works nice with transparent images. Some other styles apply a colored background and that looks ugly. I know it's a template thing, but I ended up using "inline" everywhere because of this, it makes a weird default.

6. I can't delete images / edit names I've just uploaded. I made 3 mistakes across 70 screenshots: one being a typo in the name, the other two where I forgot to censor peer IPs.

7. The only screenshots left to be updated are there  :)

Have a good day!
by janet on 2022/06/04 12:07:37 AM    
The whole Tixati team thanks you for all the hard work you put into the updated pictures and everything else.
by Bugmagnet on 2022/06/23 03:34:56 AM    
Deep respect notaLamer

Appropriate nick :)

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