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An Improvement: Auto Approval

by EvilLivesHere on 2013/08/01 04:36:18 AM    
Hey all,
Not sure how much you are able to mod this forum software, but I have an idea for an improvement if you guys have the time/will to work on it.  I understand the need for an approval system, but if possible, I suggest  you enable some kind of auto approval for users who have had a certain number of their posts approved or who have proven they are capable of posting on the forum without spamming and can follow the other forum rules.  I figure this will save you the trouble of checking every single post for spam/other stuff, and still keep out the spammers that try to auto signup and spam away.
by EvilLivesHere on 2013/08/01 10:15:15 PM    
Oh seems to be doing this now.  Just ignore me :)

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