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How Do I Change My Default Channel Name and Hash?

by Guest on 2022/03/20 07:19:37 PM    
Hey y'all.  I know how to change my name and hash individually when connecting to channels, but I can't find anywhere to change my default name that comes up, which I was only able to set back when I first installed Tixati years ago, and this has survived through multiple reinstalls even when I've told it not to save any settings.  There's nothing in the Channels section under Settings, and the only thing under the Channels menu that lets a user change anything is only for individual channels.  Is there a file I need to delete in Tixati's hidden folder in C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\tixati to let me reset it?  Thanks in advance.
by Guest on 2022/03/21 01:09:23 AM    
that is in the contacts area. press the button at the top left, with the two people.
then press the button the displays your name.
by Guest on 2022/03/21 02:07:20 AM    
God bless you.  If it was a snake, it would've bit me at least a hundred times by now.  Thank you so much.
by Jornweick on 2022/04/19 05:07:26 PM    
I think that you need just to look in the settings

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