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eng language file problem

by Tuğrul_Han on 2021/11/26 08:28:00 PM    
Hello there

I downloaded the eng template file available on your site. I saw that there are some commands in this file.If I give an example/Find languages online/Select language/Switch language/ It seems that there are no commands like For this reason, I need the original eng file of the program, how can I get it?
by notaLamer on 2021/11/30 10:12:20 AM    
Some text strings are missing and this is a bug. Translate as much as you can, if this is what you mean.
Some new text strings are missing because the English template file wasn't updated since May, the first release.
by Tuğrul_Han on 2021/11/30 01:04:37 PM    
Hello admin. I did not get an answer to my question. There is a problem with the eng language template on the site.
Can you give me the eng template inside the program itself?

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