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Speed up downloads

by Guest on 2021/10/22 02:29:50 PM    

I'm a new Tixati user. So far so good. There is a simple way to make ANY client download faster and nobody (to my knowledge) has implemented it. So I'm giving you guys the chance to be the first.

The method is simple.

In the list of trackers you need to delete the ones that fail instead of re-trying ad-infinatum.
Try it yourself, you will see the download speed jump several MB/s after the bad trackers are gone.
What would be great is if you could make stopping/deleting dead non connecting trackers automatic.

I look forward to see if this is something that gets included.

cheer for making a great (but ugly) client. ;))
by Guest on 2021/11/02 02:37:31 PM    
Although it is not fully automated, there is a current feature which achieves almost the same effect with a little effort.

This feature is called "Remove From New":
Settings (button) >> Transfers (drop-down) >> Trackers >> "Individual tracker options" - Edit (button) >> Remove From New (tab)

If like most torrent users you tend to use the same sources to find new torrents, you'll find that many of the same trackers are used again and again. This, of course, also includes the 'bad' trackers. In my case, I found that by making a list of ~25 bad trackers and including them in the "Remove From New" list, I was able to eliminate almost all the offending trackers on an ongoing basis. The "Skip Announce" tab/feature also works to mitigate the bad trackers already embedded in your active seeds.

Any bad trackers that get through these filters are either deleted manually on a case-by-case basis or are added to the list if they show up repeatedly. I keep a simple text file where I copy/pasta candidate bad trackers and curate the permanent list.

The key to this method is to take it slow and only eliminate trackers that have a consistent pattern of timeouts, bad name errors, etc. Some overall 'good' trackers may simply have bad days where they are overloaded. It's better to keep them and temporarily pause announcements for them as needed.

As I said, it takes a little effort to 'train' the list, but the results are quite worth it.

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