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transfer/files/peers doesn't auto-sort + auto-ignore by status

by darool on 2021/10/02 02:01:12 PM    
these are requests and i would think quite easily implementable.

in the transfer/files/peers/status, the client isn't sorting appropriately.  this should be a simplistic order by status text and it isn't.  it only sorts by connected/*ing or other.  i would like to limit the amount of connects to useable clients and ignore the rest.

auto-ignore by status text.  i've been getting a status of recirculating disoonnects.  this reminds me of a DDOS attack to flood my port ... these and ipfiltered really should have the option to auto-ignore and not display once such.  it's just extra poop to scroll through and taking up spots in my connected peers.

any who, just a suggestion.  i would keep the auto-ignore open, based on status, as this will also remedy future auto-ignore (auto-ignore is non-existent, but needs to be IMO) status replies.

there may already be an option for auto-ignore leeches and i feel for ya' people that can't afford crumbs for a vpn, but i don't want to share w/ you.

ie on status, remove from list and auto-ignore ... don't ping me at all after the status is established.  zonealarm (firewall) used this tech.  instead of a blocked port, it wouldn't report anything.  so if someone is trying to flood your incoming ports, the port scan should stop at the beginning as it would look like you've disconnected.  reporting back to them is just the opposite of what i was speaking of before, i'm no longer a seed for this peer or leech.

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