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Tixati 2.81 is dead

by Guest on 2021/03/25 12:25:28 PM    
Nothing happends. It will not download. I have disabled the firewall, defender and other that may block the download. Nothing!
In Help it says that I shall try to change port, but in this new version you can`t do that in settings/connection.

So what to do?
by antonino on 2021/04/01 06:59:28 AM    
Can you share a screenshot?
by Guest on 2021/04/10 03:53:49 PM    
Windows is dead.  Try Ubuntu Linux.  You're gunna be happy.
by Guest on 2021/04/17 07:59:02 AM    
it works fine for me on windows, I think some ISP providers block p2p especially metered connections like 4g.

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