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First anniversary of current version getting close

by DrTeeth on 2014/05/03 06:30:14 PM    
Will the first anniversary (28th May 2014) of the current edition be a time of rejoicing as it is perfect, or a time of mourning as there has not been a release in so long?
by Bugmagnet on 2014/05/04 12:44:28 AM    
Let us rejoice.

Isn't it amazing that Tixati is so well designed that in the past year there has been no glaring bug discovered that impairs general function? Sure, nothing is perfect and there are some issues, minor for some, perhaps significant for others (win8 compatibility?)

Whether we are gifted with a version update or not, I think we need to recognize Tixati as is performs great for many many people.

And in honor of all the efforts that brought us such a refined, excellent torrent client as Tixati is now in present form/version, I'd propose we do some crowd-funding to show our respects.

In addition to the Bitcoin and Litecoin accounts above, monetary honorariums can be sent to Kev and the Dev Team via as a gift to
by DrTeeth on 2014/05/04 02:01:36 PM    
The current client is good, but not perfect by any means. I would rather have more frequent and smaller updates than none at all. None=dead.
No updates, no dosh. Simples!
by Nili on 2014/05/05 11:32:42 AM    
Where are the moderators?

I not remember so on the old forum, since this board was made in this manner they disappeared entirely from conversations with us.
Really strange, or something has happened and do not show to us? I've thought this for the prolonged silence since a year.

You guy's are always right, we expected more, but this silence that passes in this way i do not know how to think.

Well i am still hoping for an update just like everybody...
by janet on 2014/05/06 11:46:07 AM    
The Devs are working hard right now on a new version. And the mods (like me) are still around. Just sit tight everyone, a new version is on the way.
by DrTeeth on 2014/05/06 12:31:21 PM    
C'mon Janet, you've been saying exactly the same for months ;-). Throw us a crumb, give us a clue...anything :-)).
by janet on 2014/05/08 12:07:23 PM    
The lead developer will post some information on the forum in a few days.
by DrTeeth on 2014/05/09 05:41:23 PM    
That will be great Janet. Many thanks. I look forward to it.
by DrTeeth on 2014/05/11 03:50:42 PM    
Where is the announcement to which the thread 'Thank you Kevin' on the other forum section refers? It sounds like the announcement that Janet would be coming soon.
by Pete on 2014/05/12 01:44:02 AM    
"Tixati Development Update" on top of Help and Support.
by DrTeeth on 2014/05/12 01:20:27 PM    
Thanks Pete, but there is nothing I can see on the Help and Support page, checked in three browsers. I just get the regular help pages.

Could you please elaborate on its location?
by Nili on 2014/05/12 01:30:42 PM    
Can you see here?
by DrTeeth on 2014/05/12 03:32:23 PM    
On top of the Help and Support *forum*. Got it. Putting it in 'news' might be a good idea too.
Thanks mate.

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