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Просто благодарность (Just gratitude)

by Guest on 2021/03/15 05:30:25 AM    
Я хочу за одну опцию поблагодарить, она малозаметная, но очень приятная.
Суть - ставишь на закачку - выбираешь закрыть после окончания. Окно не закрывая, важно. Tixati в трее даёт сообщение о готовой загрузке, ждёт минуту,(при свёрнутом - не ждёт) и выгружает.
Если кто может на английский перевести написанное - прошу! В школе учил китайский.
И да! Я денег немного, но каждый месяц.


I want to thank for one option, it is subtle, but very pleasant.
The bottom line is - you put on the download - you choose to close it after the end. Not closing the window is important. Tixati in the tray gives a message about the finished load, waits for a minute, (when minimized - does not wait) and unloads.
If anyone can translate what has been written into English - please! I learned Chinese at school.
And yes! I don't have much money, but every month.
by notaLamer on 2021/03/17 12:21:36 AM    
Tixati already has Auto-Shutdown, right click the tray icon and you will find it.

However, consider staying online to seed. Every time you want to download a file, someone has to seed it to you. If everybody just downloads but never seeds, transfers (torrents) will die. Don't be selfish.

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