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Connection to Peer broken after some interval

by Guest on 2021/03/14 03:29:28 PM    
I created a local torrent on one of my device and added public trackers to it. Then I shared the torrent via a .torrent file with one of my friends. The torrentdownloads just fine on his PCbut the connection seem to be disconnected after some time, it reconnects after some time and then disconnects after some time again. This is happening perpetually.
Can anyone please tell me why this happens or what can be done to avoid this?
P.S: The download speed is around 2.5 Mbps on his PC after downloading  aroung 800MB or so it disconnects.
by notaLamer on 2021/03/15 12:27:43 AM    
To even begin diagnosing problems you'd need to supply the client logs (no promises).

Each torrent has a log: Event Log -> Level 5, Include peer events
Then each connected peer has a log: Peers -> Right Click, Properties -> Event Log -> Level 3, Include status changes

What connection type is used (TCP/UDP)? Are your ISPs known to limit traffic or interfere in any other way? Does the client reconnect? Do you have port forwarding enabled? A guess: timed disconnect might be the CGNAT server terminating the NAT Session (killing your "stale" connection) hence requiring a reconnect.

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