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About donations

by Guest on 2021/01/11 04:36:37 PM    
Can you guys please post more info about donations?  What is your goal, how much did you raise, what is your anticipated take, what is your recommended donation?  This kind of info so that I know what I can do to help.  I don't want to throw money down the drain.  I want to help if I can but only if I think it will be effective.  And if there are other ways to help like hosting additional mirrors?  When I try to download tixati, it takes a really long time (3 hours from every mirror).  Maybe tixati could get a bit download link and just some verification download that is very small on the website?
by Guest on 2021/01/12 03:57:27 AM    
When I try to download tixati, it takes a really long time (3 hours from every mirror).
what slow internet you must have. it only take me, at most, a couple of minutes to download tixati from any of the links.
you are getting the file from the tixati website right?

donations help pay for bandwidth and such, so every bit helps. and if you cant afford to donate money, donate time, as in spread the word about tixati. more users is always good.
by Guest on 2021/04/08 04:34:05 PM    
I donated today. Thank you, Kevin, for the hard work you've done.
(from another developer)
by KH on 2021/04/09 03:10:41 AM    
Thanks for the support!  It will be well spent for sure.  Much to be done...
by Guest on 2021/05/15 05:46:53 PM    
Hi, I just donated a decent lumpsum mid feb, but it's very weird to keep donating such a large amount at once, esp when I don't know what it means. If y'all can estimate your costs on average over time and just post that somewhere, maybe it will help us contribute more. I for one, actually want to auto-contribute monthly to the project but I don't know what's an appropriate amount, what costs do y'all have, or atleast a monthly estimate which helps keeps the lights up for y'all and I'll be completely willing to make it a monthly thing.

Thanks for an amazing product. Once I went Tixati, only it could make my dix hardy ;)
by KH on 2021/05/16 09:20:22 PM    
Well guys, since people are curious, I'll lay it out for you.

We get around a hundred or so user donations every month.  Mostly in the $5 - $50 range, but also a few larger ones here and there.  This is approximately 1 donation for every 5-10 thousand regular users.

Most of the time, this is enough to cover servers, domains, legal stuff, certs, and the rest of the out-of-pocket expenses to keep these projects going.  There are occasional shortfalls which I personally have to cover but thankfully that isn't very often.

However, my time, and that of another key individual, is largely uncompensated.  We spend many hours every week keeping things on-track, and walk away with little to show for it.

That being the case, each donation is extremely important and very much appreciated.  The more that comes in, the more time I can afford to spend working on this project, instead of working for this project.  I have bills to pay and mouths to feed like anyone else.  The donations that come in, even $5 and less, really do go a long way to keeping up this effort and lets us know our work is appreciated.  The larger donations that come in from time to time are critical, and really help bridge the gaps.

So if you guys like Tixati, kick in what you can from time to time, I'll do what I need to do, and things will continue for years to come.
by Guest on 2021/07/06 09:13:11 AM    
Have you looked into using something like Patreon as an alternative means of accepting donations? If there were e.g. $1/$3/$5/whatever subscription tiers, I'd subscribe on some level. I support several developers through Patreon already and I find that one of the benefits is that it's a convenient one-stop hub to manage my support for a growing list of recipients. I probably wouldn't remember or wouldn't have the energy or time to visit the individual site of each supported recipient and go through their particular donation process every month.
by Guest on 2023/02/28 06:22:49 PM    
Is there a mailing/snail mail address for donations?
by KH on 2023/03/03 07:29:10 AM    
Unfortunately we're not setup to accept donations via snail mail.  I just don't trust the postal service with cash, and processing checks from outside the country is not practical for us.

But thanks for thinking of us!  I wish I had a better solution for this.
by Guest on 2023/03/03 10:27:55 PM    
I understand. I send money orders whenever possible.
by ismokecrack on 2023/03/06 04:19:03 PM    
hi, i would love to contribute but my btc are all tied up in short positions. that leaves debit/cc, and i am really surprised you are using paypal. when u sign up for paypal in the user agreement it says if they don't like what you're selling they can seize your account. not if it's illegal or not, just morally objectionable to them. search and you will hear countless stories.

i stopped using them after they all the banks decided to freeze julian assange's acct's. just because they could. he was never found guilty of anything but hey what the helll right.. please stop supporting these companies.

amazon and google pay are out for obvious reasons.

my suggestion is to use Wise. It works internationally and charges a fraction of the fees thees other providers charge. Yes that includes btc. I used to buy btc when it 1-4$ , the fees were a fraction of a penny and converting cash to btc was free. That was the original mission statement of btc founder - to be able to transfer money worlwide and with no fees. Impossible to do with btc now.

I love Monero because it is actually anonymous ( or trying harder every day to become that ) but you first have to buy btc. see above.

Sorry for the rant. Love your app.
by Mercury on 2023/03/14 08:37:47 PM    
For Canadians, you can send an EMT to (replace the tilde with an at).
It's not listed in the donation methods but I've done it successfully.
Canadians are probably a small proportion of potential donors, but this is a useful method for us, since it has no fees with most bank accounts.

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