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A Sincere Thank You to the Tixati Devs

by Guest on 2020/11/22 03:20:14 PM    
I just suffered a catastrophic data loss due to a software bug, and I've probably lost most of the data I've acquired this year. When I went about trying to find the torrents for these files again I wasn't able to find some because time has passed and they aren't available anymore and I felt hopeless.

But then I remembered the folder that Tixati saves duplicate torrent files to and sure enough there they were, so I've been able to reload them and hopefully I'll be able to obtain those files again Seeder Gods willing.

Seeing as my problem was caused by some dipshit developer who doesn't know how to code carefully, I would like to give my love to the Tixati devs who were considerate enough to include such a basic feature that may partially save my ass in this disaster. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. <3

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