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[Feature Request] Auto Ban User in Channel Based on Sheared Cont

by Nz08a on 2020/10/01 07:15:17 PM    
The thread name of this post says it all Auto Ban User in Channel Based on Sheared Content,

It has become some what of an annoyance now checking the users of my Tixati channel for unsavoury content I do not wish to be shared in my Channel.

It would also be nice if there was a setting that would also block some content without banning the user outright.

If this is already a thing please message me how to use it.
by Guest on 2020/10/02 09:01:55 AM    
how exactly would you like this to work?
without browsing the person how are you supposed to know what the other person is sharing?
by Nz08a on 2020/10/02 08:57:28 PM    
My be an extra setting in the channel setting that allow users who have the permission in a channel to ban users, to get there client to auto check other users shears for key words like pthc, On a timer and/or when they join the Channel.

Including regex support would be nice.

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