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by Sailor24 on 2014/03/28 01:12:09 AM    
OK you guys are censoring posts. Not cool! I posted twice together..... one is not up. It makes me think. Please dudes you are the last savior of what I think is right. Don't let me down.
by Nili on 2014/03/28 01:59:04 AM    
Even i sheets something valued for you on this thread but that was not published at all so i would like to know my opinion should appear before or after Sailor24 post if it was posted?

However, I want to inform you jessie10133 more or less the same info sheets by Sailor24 presumably help you, good job Sailor24! But wtf happened?

I too want to know... why my post did not come or your post was censured?

I have an opinion the mess here managed only by janet and man alone can not do much or anything.

This forum , this torrent application need active staff people, or tell us the true what's goin on here (if you're truly alive) and do not spend our time in vain.

Thanks, day by day even more pessimistic. Thanks anyway!
by Nili on 2014/03/28 03:54:04 AM    
^Ok, now I realized, my post on ratio problem thread was simply unable to posted by Janet for (a matter of time, not presence, etc. ..)

Therefore I say that this forum needs active people, atleast moderators to moderate and collect things and report to devs. Janet only is less and i thank for his/her effort.
by nnq2603 on 2014/04/26 10:43:45 AM    
Any of you guys has links/url on your post or something similar. Because it requires manual review and takes more time than regular pure-text post.

Read here, forumtixaticom/offtopic/3/

There's some different type of members (seem depends on number of confirmed posts that they got approved in the past): New User, Normal User. Normal User can post directly and his post immediately appear in forum (everyone be able to see). But more details, even this type of users can't post directly the post with URL (link) in content. If you're confirmed normal user and post pure text, you got automatically approved, if you post text with URL inside it then wait manual review/approving by Mod.

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