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Short message to peer or token

by Guest on 2020/09/09 04:21:24 PM    

I would like an option to send / receive a short message to /from peer or seeder. In Peers menu will be added an attribute Msg before Address. It will be very short like an attribute Flag. There should be a different icons and colors for no message, sent message (if we sent message) and received message. If we click on icon a frame will open where we can read an post the message. Like a chat. This chat will be stored as long peer is connected. When torrent is removed messages are removed too.

Sometimes we need some communication between peers like: Hey a am only 100% seeder and I would like to go away. Please open your speed for this torrent so you could download complete movie. I will redirect all upload to you. So torrent will stay alive.

There is another option for torrent to stay alive. It's call Token and menu attribute T. There will be a give token and receive token.

Give token: In case when are just three seeders or less, seeder get possibility to give a token. Token icon is normally dark grey. When possibility for give token is open, icon became green with letter S or G (means seed or give). Once seeder clicked icon, icon became blue. If any of peers accept token, icon became red.

Receive token: Normally icon is normally dark grey. There is a letter R (receive). When one seeder click a S icon, icon on peer side became green. If peer click on icon, icon became red, that means peer accepted a deal. If peer want to offer a deal, he/she can click on dark grey icon and R icon became yellow. At same time S icon by the seeder side became also yellow, that mean peer offered a deal.

Once deal is closed software (Tixati) will redirect all traffic to this specific torrent between those two who cut the deal. This connection is given UH priority. You can have token only in one torrent at the time. Once you made the deal, you can not terminate or stop the deal especially you are the seeder. Token is real business. Until seeder complete a deal, software will not allow to start another torrent or stop this torrent until specific peer who cut the deal has 100%. When peer reach 100% deal is complete. Seeder is of the hook. Now is on peer side who became a seeder to complete his wow, that means he will seed until at least one of peers complete 100% and he send at least amount of data he received. Deal is terminated if there are no peers at least 3 days.

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