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Winget and Tixati

by Guest on 2020/09/09 11:44:13 AM    
Microsoft has a tool called Winget to install applications.
It would be cool if Tixati was available.
by Guest on 2021/12/02 06:51:31 PM    
by Guest on 2022/02/13 05:16:52 AM    
by Guest on 2022/03/21 03:49:01 AM    
by notaLamer on 2022/04/05 05:18:38 PM    
Anybody can submit applications to Winget, including you :) But you are at mercy of Microsoft. Their Windows Defender already blocks torrent clients. Why do you think they will tolerate clients downloaded over winget for long?
by Jornweick on 2022/04/19 05:03:51 PM    
I dont know, I didn't use that
by Guest on 2022/05/15 04:54:36 AM    

Just because "anyone" can submit to winget, doesn't make it wrong to request officially to the developer to submit it himself so it will be officially supported and promote it on the page and all that.

Also, Winget only accepts silent installations, since I use portable Tixati I don't know if Tixati installation can do it silently or not, so the developer would have to improve that in order to be submitted.

But you are wrong about Torrents and Microsoft, there is technically a bunch of torrent clients and tools in Winget, Winget just has nothing to do with Defender.
Plus if it was necessary, people could technically create their own source and then they would not need winget repository in order to get apps, Winget can be useful without using Store or Winget, but I haven't seen anyone trying to make their own sources in order to bypass any Winget restriction or anything.

But anyway, just use winget search torrent -s winget and check it yourself.

Electorrent                   Tympanix.Electorrent                 Tag: torrent
Transmission                  Transmission.Transmission            Tag: torrent
Free Download Manager         SoftDeluxe.FreeDownloadManager       Tag: torrent
qBittorrent                   qBittorrent.qBittorrent              Tag: torrent
PicoTorrent                   PicoTorrent.PicoTorrent              Tag: torrent
Transmission Remote GUI       PeterDaveHello.TransmissionRemoteGUI Tag: torrent
Kebler                        Kebler.Kebler                        Tag: torrent
Deluge BitTorrent Client Beta DelugeTeam.DelugeBeta                Tag: torrent
Deluge BitTorrent Client      DelugeTeam.Deluge                    Tag: torrent
IPFilter                      DavidMoore.IPFilterUpdater           Tag: torrent
qBittorrent Enhanced Edition  c0re100.qBittorrent-Enhanced-Edition Tag: torrent
BitComet                      BitComet.BitComet                    Tag: torrent
BiglyBT                       BiglySoftware.BiglyBT                Tag: torrent
Jackett                       Jackett.Jackett                      Tag: torrent
Popcorn-Time                  PopcornTime.Popcorn-Time             Tag: torrent
Motrix                        agalwood.Motrix                      Tag: torrent

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