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History of Tixati - is this correct?

by Guest on 2019/06/01 05:30:13 AM    
Am I missing something?

long story short of Tixati.
Tixati devs in early versions did not report the update correctly and it was banned because there is paranoia in private trackers.
Tixati corrected the mistake right away when they heard it was banned in private trackers.
Too late, the paranoia + no one cares  = Trackers kept Tixati banned
Bad mistake: Tixati devs are hardcore harckers, they develop tools for effectively spoofing and allowing users to cheat trackers 100%, making the ban meaningless
Trackers get seriously mad and perma-ban Tixati

Seriously bad mistake: Tixati devs work even harder on tools for spoofing and personalizing Tixati
Users donate because Tixati has extremely good features and it is seriously "powerful"
Trackers can't detect people that are spoofing with Tixati,  get mad and start bad-mouthing Tixati so everywhere the word spreads that Tixati is a bad client(it's pure gold in coding)
Tixati devs simply kept in mind the private trackers' hysteria and developed even more tools for organizing and personalizing the client
by Bugmagnet on 2019/11/04 03:26:27 PM    
screw the trackers - they are not needed.

and screw those who create torrents with a "private" flag set.

Information should flow freely. Stop the "privatization" of information.

Liberate the Library.

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