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are tixati devs planning to collab with tronx currency?

by Guest on 2019/02/01 02:07:57 PM    
tixati devs please watch this, this will change every thing i guess

(link removed by mod and sent to devs)

you should also implement something like this
by Guest on 2019/03/24 02:48:32 PM    
TRON is a shitcoin, people please don't fall for it.
Almost all altcoins, especially those that were created by the "developers" out of thin air and then sold as an ICO, shall be considered worthless by default, unless proven otherwise. All they have are promotional videos and promises. 99% of all created currencies are (let me use a professional term) shitcoins.
by Guest on 2019/05/04 04:20:06 PM    
Concept is simple : be forced to download/seed at a lower speed, be rewarded for seeding longer: get a token that can be used to bypass the slower speeds, creating a positive feedback loop where you're more likely to seed instead of being a leeching bastard that contributes to a swarm dying quickly.

But hey, it's shit because you say so, apparently...🙄

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