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Another reason to update...

by DrTeeth on 2014/02/14 07:12:08 PM    
I doubt many will donate to a project that is quiet. For example, I use TrueCrypt, but there has not been a release in a looong time - no donation from me then. Same with Tixati. I have donated to various Linux distros and Merlin's firmware for the Asus routers - I am not a skinflint.

Frequent(-ish) updates will have the effect of keeping the community  alive and vibrant. And that sort of atmosphere generates donations.

C'mon guys, get one out of the door.
by Nili on 2014/02/17 10:09:38 AM    
With all these problems that people report day to day for about 1 year there are voices that say, why rush? Tixati is perfect and there are no reasons to endure. What astonished me is why there is no direct answer except janet?
I remember when here was a full forum devs, mods where a lot active Now a dead silence and nonsense. Despite problems and bugs have been reported I am not optimistic that it will be regulated for the sole reason that has been a lot (A LOT) of problem you expect to be adjusted, but since there is no a possibility for a ticket system will be pretty difficult to remember what we wrote. I'm not sure they've taken all bugs note? It is quite imperative to a refresh update. I have stoped seeding for almost 3 month on a private tracker until 1.97 come out, will look much more with attention News if adjustments will be made only for streaming, chatroom, ID3tags etc... that for me are unrelated to a torrent application, sorry but will see another alternative that gives more priority torrenting things. I am waiting for the day to day with the hope that We'll see a new version. Even though Janet says everything is taken into consideration and controlled by the devs, remains only to see the next version releasing.
by Bugmagnet on 2014/02/22 06:07:23 PM    
I gift to honor the past, what the author has already done, to show my respect and recognition of that effort. If it helps inspire and encourage future efforts, that is good too. Sometimes I'll do crowdfunding to support a dream, but I have been burned on that too. Made a substantial contribution for finishing a film, projected to be finished in 2009. It exceeded its funding goal, but is still 'in the works' going on 5 years later.
by DrTeeth on 2014/02/23 04:10:16 PM    
@ Bugmagnet
When I contribute to a project that is usually the kiss of death too.

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