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Pure Genius

by Guest on 2018/11/12 06:58:23 AM    
I wondered about the meaning of Tixati. Then I saw the logo visualising the concept of torrents and realized where the name Tixati was derived from. I salute you for this idea to create an actually meaningful logo.
I was using Transmission on Linux where it looks rather polished. But as retrogamer I use a Windows 7 box and the Windows version is really ugly. So I was on the lookout for something new and heard good things about your program and I decided to give it a try.
Aside from the (mostly) intuitive GUI there has to be some serious code under the hood. Even my ten year old notebook runs
Tixati without any problems. Besides it's really fast which is a bonus having rather slow connection speed.
Thank you DEV(s) and greetings from the digital German hinterland. As I don't have much money I can't make a substantial donation - which I would love to do - but I'll spread the word about your fantastic software.
If I had a daughter I would be tempted to name her Tixati :)
by willieaames on 2018/11/19 11:31:52 AM    
If I had a daughter I would be tempted to name her Tixati :)

Thats cute :)

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