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Thank you!!

by Merc344 on 2018/05/22 06:45:24 PM    
Hey guys I've been using Tixati for 7 years now and I just cant say thank you enough for making a quality HONEST product. I'm an IT professional familiar with OSs from windows to arch linux. I always use Tixati and anyone who looks for a torrent/peer-to-peer downloading solution I always recommend tixati. When I'm working on a client computer and I see programs like uTorrent I always replace it with Tixati for the clients own privacy concerns. Its rare to find a product with this much support and active development that is funded purely through donation. When I found you guys as a teenager and saw Invisible Empire as the highlighted download in your product picture I knew you guys understood exactly why peer-to-peer downloading systems were so valuable and have trusted you guys exclusively ever since. THANK YOU! Just thought after 7 years of my personal use and 8 years of active development you deserved it. Now i need to man up and donate.

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