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VPN section in Tixati

by Guest on 2018/03/08 08:53:37 PM    
I was considering using Tixati but didn't see an area for inputting VPN info.
Is this possible with the next release?

by Guest on 2018/03/15 03:22:59 AM    
Tixati works well with VPNs, I successfully use Tixati with VPN and it never exposes my real IP address. Normally your VPN software should have created a virtual hardware network adapter in your operating system configuration. Tixati allows you to only allow network connectivity through a specific network adapter, so to set up Tixati to only use your VPN you just need to tell it to only use the virtual network adapter provided by your VPN software. To do this just go to Tixati settings in the Network tab and in the Connections subtab. There you will see the settings "Network mode", "Local IPv4 address or interface" and "Local IPv6 address or interface". Nowadays most ISPs give you both an IPv4 and IPv6 address but most VPNs only protect your IPv4 address and this means that if you allow Tixati to use IPv6 then your real IPv6 address will be visible and you don't want that, so you must disable Tixati's use of IPv6 by configuring the "Network mode" setting to "IPv4 only". Then you will need to make Tixati only use the VPN virtual network adapter by configuring the "Local IPv4 address of interface" to your VPN virtual network adapter (its name might be something like "VPN Tap Adapter" or something different, if you don't know ask the developer of your VPN software). Some VPN software automatically disable all IPv6 connectivity to protect your identity, and with these software it is not necessary to change the "Network mode" setting, albeit I still recommend doing so for extra security, as well as setting your VPN adapter for the "Local IPv6 address or interface" setting as well.
by Guest on 2019/09/01 07:17:06 AM    
If you have a VPN, go to

- Network
-- Connections
--- Local IPv4 address or interface

Some years ago this used to have an option "TAP 9 Windows" but it has changed at some point to where the actual name of your VPN that you use is showing
Choose your VPN client name and if your VPN disconnects, so does your Tixati.  This avoids an open IP seeding or leaching
by Guest on 2019/09/09 04:07:27 PM    
Also be warned that at least in my situation, if your VPN is upgraded.  do yourself a favor and just download the upgrade.  Uninstall the VPN and then install the package.

For whatever reason, if I just use their "upgrade" feature (where you click upgrade and it automatically downloads and installs), that seems to mess up my TAP files.

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