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Power of peer to peer for Video chat

by zimonh on 2017/11/16 08:41:38 AM    

First, thank you for the amazing freeware. I have been using this torrent software for a long time now and have been recommending it to friends. It has everything I need.

I am a web developer and was looking into webRTC. A peer to peer video chat for the browser that sucks in my opinion. It always needs a signal server and the video sharing is slow. So I was thinking Skype (that was ok before it got bought) was started by people who worked on peer to peer stuff perhaps Tixati could form the basis for a fast light Video chat app or browser plugin. Is anybody in your team interested?

Also your site works fine but perhaps I could help you make it look nicer.
I have some free time and could help you out for free.

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