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Testing Page Missing

by maxxori on 2017/10/06 02:31:08 PM    
Does anyone know what happened to the "testing" page at  ? Has it been moved somewhere else?
by janet on 2017/10/06 09:47:52 PM    
The testing page is offline right now as there is no testing going on. When testing for the next alpha begins, the testing page will be back.
by maxxori on 2017/10/07 09:58:45 AM    
Aha, thanks for the clarification! That explains it :)

by Guest on 2017/10/08 01:06:38 AM    
Thanks for posting this link, I used to have it but lost it over time, and I KNEW it was still there just couldn't find it.

Bookmarked in my Tixati folder and now I'll peg it when testing comes around again.


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