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Thank You, this is just what I needed

by frogmanza on 2017/08/17 12:03:16 PM    
I just wanted to thank you guys for creating Tixati. It's perfect and works like a charm.
I am so sick of other torrent clients which promise features but none of them work.

I was using Deluge on Linux Mint but their scheduler does not work, I hate Utorrent and I did some Googling and came across a recommendation on the Linux Mint forums to try Tixati and I am so glad I did.

Within a few minutes I had the scheduler setup and added about 20 torrents which started at exactly 1am and stopped exactly at 6am this morning.

Really great work guys and as soon as I have some spare cash in my Paypal account I will certainly make a donation to this project.

Keep up the good work !!!

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