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Alternate form of donation?

by Guest on 2017/08/14 01:27:56 AM    
I love Tixati and I absolutely want to donate however digital currency has outrageous fees and I simply detest PayPal and refuse to use it.

There are other services I subscribe/donate to and I use cash.  Would you be willing to provide a mailing address so I can post a few US dollars?
by Guest on 2017/08/15 07:35:18 AM    
they are probably not set up to accept cheques. and you should never send cash through the mail.
by Guest on 2017/10/28 12:56:46 PM    
Cryptocurrency doesn't really have outrageous fees. Bitcoin's might be a bit high occasionally but not necessarily, and not necessarily that bad either, all things considered.
by Guest on 2017/12/18 10:24:45 AM    
Yeah I agree with the OP, however Ripple is a pleasure to use as unlike the other cryptos, its fast AND cheap.  I hope the Tixati team will add a XRP wallet in the future.  I donated via PayPal today, but I'd be much more likely to donate more often if I had the option to use ripple.

Love your work guys, best torrent client I've ever used.  Keep up that hard work!
by Guest on 2017/12/27 02:51:51 AM    
Can you add BitCoin Cash please? BCH
i cant afford the fees for Bitcoin, I would never buy a Dogecoin, and I dont want to transfer to Litecoin when I already own BitCoin Cash.

i am sure you can add it, and if you do I will share what i can and let others know you now accept BCH
by janet on 2018/01/01 11:11:36 PM    
more coin options are coming very soon.
by Guest on 2018/02/16 10:44:28 AM    
Any chance of providing a segwit Bitcoin address? They help reduce network congestion so I'm doing my best to avoid sending to non-segwit addresses.

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