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Full depth reporting from a torrent user

by derric on 2017/08/11 04:55:59 AM    
i had tried many softwares and i end up in tixati being the best....still i noticed many problems..even minor stuffs i would like to convey this to developer teams here n make a perfect one in next update

1.Sorting issue...

when click on the labels like name bytes progress status sorting option like in other torrent apps are not happening .

2.Stability & Hang

i am a heavy torrent user like i put simutaneously 20 like torrents whose are like 40-100 gb size and when we switch on the tixati.It takes a hang to get started still somehow it does after a 3-4 min gap.Well can bringup something to fix shows always not responding most of the time.well in small scale torrenting its fine.working perfect...

3.In appp update

updatation can be made in now it works like coming to website n download seperately..backbroudn mode silent updation program will be nice if u can doo


i strongly request to bring tixati to play store.with the add free version..requesting an android version.makes the worlds best...
by Pete on 2017/08/11 08:05:11 AM    
Sorting is possible after you enable Sortable View (Layout).

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