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Viewing my IP Address in Tixati (Solved)

by Guest on 2014/01/31 11:54:52 PM    
Click on Transfers Tabs (the two green arrows)
Click on Layout Tabs (on your right corner view)
Click and mark on Tab View and also mark Sortable View (the black circle interface)
Click on Select Columns..."
Click on "Peer View"
Make a check mark primary on Status, Client, Flag, Location, Link, Location, % Complete
Hit "X Close"
Now go to an active p2p link Download or Upload
Click on Peers Tabs (next to tracker tab)
you should see "Self connect"
and on the left is your IP Address
You must click on the status bar (if troubling Viewing your client and Self-Connect ip address)
You should see self-connect on either the download or upload (please be very vigilant viewing the Self connect along with Tixati on client)

If trouble:
Hit the status bar on the Peer Tab (make sure you see Self connect in text)
you will almost always see "Self connect" on the status view
or see "Tixati 1.96" on the client view

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