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Dual Internet connections

by erike4 on 2017/02/18 04:48:47 AM    
I would like some networking assistance.
case: my isp sells download bandwidth at 1,3,5,...Mb  BUT upload is only 1Mb.
to get more upload I must buy more connections with only one network card.  
I am running Kubuntu on a HP6730b.
How so I setup Tixati or the simple wireless router to access multiple connections?
Fibre modem --> Xiaomi student router  -->   laptop
by YandereKate on 2017/02/25 10:03:17 AM    
Your wifi router does not support dual WAN
and since your using a laptop I doubt you have dual RJ45's
So unless you're ready to invest in some hardware it can't be done.
by Bugmagnet on 2017/02/25 12:53:01 PM    
I have used dual internet connections for years. My choice is to use old cisco/linksys RV series multi-WAN routers. RV-042, RV-082, RV-016
these are long discontinued but readily available on ebay.

Cisco kept these models when it sold Linksys off to others. And they have been superceded by RV-320, 325, 340, 345

Some old discussions:
by Guest on 2017/03/18 09:51:31 PM    
If your laptop has two network interfaces, ie, WiFi and Ethernet adapters. You can use both to connect to the internet by tweaking registry entries in Windows.

First, make sure Tixati is NOT bound to either interface.
by erike4 on 2017/03/20 03:25:24 PM    
thank you. I will have to translate that to Linux.

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