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Please Sell Tixati Mechandise

by Guest on 2017/01/14 12:51:50 PM    
I would like to support you guys in more than just donations. I know that if I donate to you , it goes directly to you. Although, I would love to have a Tixati T-Shirt, some stickers for my laptop, a mug perhaps. There are tons of places online that you could just upload your logos and designs that you could make profit at. I'm sure I'm not alone in the Tixati community. I know people would buy your merch, if you had some. If you have reasons for not having merch, I have to respect them. Please consider adding a Tixati Store.
by YandereKate on 2017/01/15 01:36:15 AM    
I wouldn't mind a mug or a hoodie.
by Guest on 2017/01/17 10:50:37 PM    
nice idea, Tshirt and mug for me :-)
by NewAnd on 2017/02/06 01:02:37 PM    
And a pencils or calendars would be good :)
by dgibbs3196 on 2017/03/14 09:25:54 AM    
I would like Some Stickers!
by tgarner on 2017/03/31 03:45:41 AM    
I like this!  Great promotion for Tixati, maybe a little bit of steady revenue.

I'd like to purchase
- travel mug
-- coffee mug
--- tshirt

I'd get a hoodie too but we just entered summer and it's 'bout to be xxx digits!

But the above would be great!

I know this is probably FAR from developers mind set, but I would be highly excited to see a button/link right next to "news" called "Store" or something like that...

by Johanaser on 2017/04/27 08:17:02 PM    
Has anything changed? Is there any chance to buy Tixati Merchandise?
by Guest on 2017/08/11 09:43:16 AM    
Just wanted to chime in and say I'd buy a shirt. Hook it up boys!
by VoidBear on 2017/10/04 11:05:17 PM    
Shirt & Coffee Mug for me too! :)

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