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Temporary ignore low speed torrents?

by honest_pirate on 2016/12/22 04:42:31 AM    
Would it be possible to tell Tixati to temporary ignore low speed torrents?

Say you’re downloading/uploading a torrent at an "acceptable speed" and when torrent’s download/upload speed drops to 10kb or less to switch automatically to the next torrent, then once again if and when speed of previous torrent/s rises above the specified minimum, current torrent pauses and the previous one resumes download?  

I find myself wasting lot of time downloading and uploading slow torrents when number of seeders/leechers drops overnight, while the other torrents with hundreds of seeders/leechers are waiting for this slug to complete.
by Pete on 2016/12/25 07:49:19 PM    
I think the Auto-manage slots setting for both downloads and uploads could solve your problem (Settings > Transfers > General). You can also use Bandwidth Priorities to help those slow torrents a bit, for example grant them a bit higher priority than the rest.
by honest_pirate on 2016/12/26 06:35:30 AM    
Thanks for your reply. I'm already using the "recycle unused slots" and "Auto manage" feature, but it still won't switch to the next torrent unless download/upload drops to zero. If it's 5kb, it will still waste the slot...  

Maybe it's possible to configure it the way I mentioned, in the "Details" section, but I'm not much of a coder myself, and I'm not sure if changing or adding lines would even work...

Even the "Priority" feature is useful only when you're downloading a torrent that consists of several files, but when it comes to assigning priority to multiple independent torrents, i don't think it would change anything, Tixati will still wait for a previous one to start downloading next.

Now I'm not dismissing the option that such settings might already exist in Tixati, I'm just saying that i wasn't able to figure it out.

If you have any more suggestions or tips, I'd be grateful if you share them with me...

Thank you once again.
by Guest on 2017/02/22 09:18:04 AM    
the auto-manage works wonderfully for me as I had the same problem.
in the beginning i made the mistake of not setting the limit outgoing and incoming kBs.
These are apparently used to compare with to release additional downloads/uploads.
when using the auto manage function the number of slots is ignored. (i have set to three and have seen as many as 9 downloads running to make up the specified bandwidth).

Note!!  if you have other machines, cellphones etc. on the line it "sees" the reduced band width avaliable and releases more work.
I read the news etc with my cellphone and I have to go back and stop the ones that have been released -or- i stop all below the last active download (queued) on stop (select the group and drag down into the queued area, they will stop. then simply drag up to their position again.

Note  I have other download work to do for an hour a day and i set max download to 10kbs. this quiesces the downloads without releasing additional work and allows uploads to continue at full bandwidth.  After I am done just set back to your line speed.

Note Netflix on my cellphone seems to co-exist with my downloads when I set the max to max - 40kBs.  Netflix takes a bit to start but after that the movies play on low bandwidth OK.
by honest_pirate on 2017/03/09 02:38:48 AM    
Seems like a lot of hassle going back and forth, i think feature like this should be build within the client as default, since it's related to one of the basic things "auto-stopping/starting downloads". Obviously don't wanna sound like a douche by implying that this sounds like a trivial task, like i said I'm not much of a coder myself, but honestly compared to other 200.000 lines of code in Tixati - it doesn't sound that complicated, and i really think that 90% of Tixati users would appreciate and use this option if available.

I will certainly take a look at what you've suggested, but hope Tixati team implements this feature in near future...
by Guest on 2017/03/20 12:48:13 PM    
as your original question "ignore low speed torrents" Tixati does a remarkable job of releasing and managing work.
to fib out the speed (current, delivered and paid for) of the line is not easy to come by and this the co-existing with parallel temporary workloads, overall slowdowns, and other things that mess up the ideal are in the realm of magic unless a higher viewpoint can be implemented.

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