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Roaming directory files meaning

by gruber on 2016/11/13 05:16:01 PM    

I need to understand why so bigger files (500-900 MB) sit there and if delete them cause any error or missing in torrents data
I have about 15000 torrents,
My system partition about 7 GB free and when tixati is running it start rapidly decrease so keep bigger free space I need to delete some files from tixati roaming directory, cause not doing this not leave space for installing updates or drivers from microsoft.

by Pete on 2016/11/14 03:34:20 PM    
by gruber on 2016/11/24 02:30:35 AM    

There is no information on that link,
nevertheless I'm asking what purpose of *.dat || *.dat.old files in AppData\Roaming\tixati directory,
each of them ~ 500-900 MB.

I'm know about incomplete pieces their size more lower than above files,

My settings for torrents (full-prewrite).

by Pete on 2016/11/26 11:20:46 AM    
.dat files are Tixati configuration files, .dat.old are backup copies of those files. I guess Tixati .dat files could be very large with 15000 transfers. To avoid this problem you can try Tixati Portable, it will store all configuration files in it's folder, that could be on another drive.

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