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[Suggestion] Pushing for an OS X (Mac) software.

by throwaway123123 on 2016/10/11 11:19:32 PM    
Hey guys, Tixati is no doubt the number one torrent software out there and much love, respect and appreciation for those who made and helped make this software. I personally use many different OS - Linux, Windows, Mac, etc.. but most of all I use Windows/Mac.

My suggestion is that you guys push primarily for an anonymous crowdfunding project for OS X version of Tixati to be developed and add attention to the site for it.

How much you guys will need as for time and money I would not know but I think many people would support this idea and you guys would be able to make it happen!

Just a personal suggestion.

What are your thoughts?
by RockyMM on 2016/10/25 12:30:27 PM    
I would gladly join that campaign.
by Guest on 2017/04/24 07:11:10 AM    
An OSX release would be a great goal in the future.

I hope they'll consider it anyway. All of the torrent clients on OSX are trash imo.
by Guest on 2017/05/03 06:05:29 PM    
this is probably unlikely to happen. Tixati is  as great it is because the author developed a C++ framework that allows for development on windows/linux simultaneously

any decent GUI on OS X needs to be written separately in objective-c.

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