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Some help with some info about Tixati, thank you.

by Guest on 2016/05/09 02:41:23 PM    
I have a question, nothing important I think, however I couldn't find an answer.

What's "Trading %" in the Bandwidth section? I honestly don't have much of a clue...

Now for the second question, what's "Seeding %" in the Bandwidth section.

And for the third question, what's "Auto Limit"?

All questions regarding the Bandwidth section, if you would be so kind as to answer my questions, it'd be a great help. Thank you.
by Bugmagnet on 2016/05/10 06:38:59 AM    
first, this is specific to Tixati therefore belongs in the Help and Support section. It is not "Off Topic"

Second there is now a Search feature on the forum and in fact there are LOTS of results for "trading"

Other than that, most of the information you seek is on the normal support pages,

Basically, trading is a feature to set a reserve for reciprocating with a user you are also downloading from, to facilitate giving preference to someone who is giving you pieces.

Seeding is just giving freely. Trading is a reward you can decide to give to those giving to you.

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