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Channels & Share Ratio?

by Guest on 2016/04/13 02:36:07 AM    
My question is when sharing files via the Channels section does anything uploaded go towards the overall share ratio?

I'm slowly starting to tinker w/ the Channels section and so far enjoying it, very free form to organize ones files the way you want and share what you want.

Just curious...
by Bugmagnet on 2016/04/13 02:23:14 PM    
Off Topic is for discussing things "not specific to Tixati".

Since this question IS specific to Tixati, it is better placed in the Help and Support Forum

All sharing is global. A torrent transfer is a torrent transfer. It does not matter where you find the link to download the torrent or to advertise and seed it.

And the way Tixati is designed, "sharing" in a channel is nothing more than advertising a magnet link or a URL. You might, or might not be actually sharing the files for the links you advertise. It is similar to downloading a .torrent metadata file from a website. You do not download the torrent from the tracker. You download from other users. Same with the links advertised as a "share list" in channels.

And just as a website MAY actually host the torrent files and operate a webseed feed, so to MIGHT a user advertising a 'share link' also be seeding it. But they might not be seeding it also. And advertising the link does not provide evidence of UPloading or DownLoading the content.

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