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torrent category's frozen... + fix

by Guest on 2016/03/31 02:36:17 PM    
so i'm using 64-bit windows 8 and already reinstalled tixati to try and fix. (does not fix)

the problem -
i was not able to organize my torrents by category anymore such as by: name, bytes, progress, status, ect.
it use to re organize them when you clicked those names. now it does nothing.

the fix all you have to do is change the torrent's page layout to something different and problem goes away even when u switch back... woot woot!

just posting this for anyone with same problem..  a reinstall didn't fix it but changing the layout did...

by Bugmagnet on 2016/03/31 11:37:39 PM    
good information, but it is not "Off Topic" since it does relate to tixati, it should be posted to the normal help and support forum.

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