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proxy feature

by Guest on 2016/03/16 09:10:57 PM    
socks 5 proxys come & go, how about adding a test proxy feature to the program?

I'm currently using Proxy Checker (free) to check if the proxy works.

It would be easier to do it from Tixati since that is what is talking to the proxy.

In your old proxy setup it sez to disable dht & udp, when I disable udp, nothing works, I have to have udp enabled to get any trackers to connect & / or files to d/l

I see in the "Trackers" tab that some times the trackers say: tracker proxy error, etc.....

Just not sure if I'm really invisible.


When using the socks5  proxy; when I do netstat -a, nothing, but when I run wireshark I see a shit load of udp packets coming in.

I'm not sure if these udp packets are coming to me through the proxy tunnel or directly to me from the world.

Any explanation is helpful.

Ok by


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by YandereKate on 2016/03/25 07:43:15 PM    
IIRC SOCKS5 DOES NOT allow udp traffic.
by Mohadib on 2016/10/04 11:48:56 AM    
SOCKS5 proxy not work for UDP tracker (udp://), just for HTTP trackers (http://),  if you want to prevent yourself from leaking ip or another, take a virtual private network is the best solution; sorry

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